Cobian Sandals Sup Photo of the Year Contest March Edition

Aaron Pilon: Pablo Bonilla's Blu Wave Baja Barrel

Alison J Rennie: The Scottish Highlands at their best

Allistair Swinsco: Still winters day in the beautiful Lake District, northern England.

Anita La Mas Bonita: Bolo loves to sup!

Cassandra Lee: Sunset is my favorite color.

Chad Legebokoff: This is my board on a secluded west coast beach in Canada that anyone can paddle the river too...and no one is ever around.

Chadwick Holmes: Coming back to Toronto after a tour around Toronto Island in Lake Ontario.

Chris Jankowski: SUP at Sunset

Christian Edie: SUP Erie Adventures - Sunset Bay NY

Danielle Brown: Light hearted in the BVI's

Dany Martel: SUP surfing on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada

Dave L. Johnson: First surf day of the spring, gotta love Eastern Canada!

Dirk Utecht: A perfect day between many kiters with my Naish Javelin on the water. Location Pelzerhaken, Germany

Emily Critcher: Beautiful sunset sup session.

Fergus Kanaiaupune Hyke: Dean vs. Goliath

Fergus Sloan: On the rocks.

Gail Kotowski: VT splendor

Glenda Sherman: Paddling at Stone Island Mazatlan, Mexico

Jean Lucchini: Morning SUP cruize in Tahiti by Jean Lucchini

Jeremiah Vermont Sup Johnson: Florida sunset paddle to the hidden springs.

John Anter: Toronto on the only board I could find

Justine Bryant: SUP session on the Wenatchee River in Washington State.

Karine Weiss Roch: SUP in the lowest place on earth

Kelli Herman: Someone special on his sunset SUP

Knut Sorby: Ice cold water, no wind, and all alone on the Oslo Fjord

Lauren Starcevich: 8 Months Preggo on Race Day at Ponce De Leon Inlet, FL...I continued to paddle up until I was 9 months and 1 week :o)

Lisa Somers: Storm way out to sea

Luke Foley: First Day of Spring

Mark Kalch: SUP near the Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia.

Mike Barad: SUP at Swabby’s Oahu

Monica Margarita: Trigger and I paddling in Key Largo, FL

Obdulio Luna: Sup's up!

Orlando Costa: Waiting for the tube formation in Jaguaripe, Bahia, Brazil!!

Paul Ormond: Reaching for it.

Rob Hoopengarner: Sunrise sup view

Robin Potter: My dad's first time trying to standup paddling.

Sara Kellard Murphy: The next generation.

Susan Hudson: December in Florida


Tracey Preston: Sunset shoot standup paddling the day before Harry Paddle f Festival in Newcastle.

Travis Hayes: Ice Cliff

Veselin Velqnov Despotov: Iskar Lake in Bulgaria.

Wendy Parker Seaman: Trailing bliss

Wizeguy Guido: Simply, amazing morning in Delray Beach FL. Photo by Sal Toscano

Zachary Brajuha: Playa Santana, Nicaragua.  Photo taken by Jaq Raver.

Cobian Sandals Sup Photo of the Year Contest March Edition
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