Four Stand Up Paddlers Drown In Us This Week

4 Stand Up Paddlers Drown In Us This Week In 3 Separate Incidents

Sup Industry Association Meets In Utah To Take Safety Initiatives

It’s happened again! Two people drowned while sup paddling last Saturday on a small, calm lake in New Hampshire… this time is hits close to home, both victims are friends of Standup Journal co-publisher Joyce Bilodeau:

Last Saturday’s NH tragedy comes off a week that also saw sup paddlers in Montana and San Diego perish on calm waters, and apparently in some, if not all 4 cases, the victims had no PFDs or leashes attached to their boards.

In light of the urgent need for a safety awareness campaign for our sport, Kristin Thomas, executive director of the Standup Paddling Industries Assoc. (SUPIA) has announced a special session on safety will take place during this week’s Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah.

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4 Stand Up Paddlers Drown In Us This Week In 3 Separate Incidents

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