Red Paddle Co inflatable

Ever run your inflatable over with a 22 ton digger? That’s a test of durability!

If it’s a RED PADDLE CO. inflatable, you can!  Check out the 10th and final video in Red Paddle Co.’s “Board vs.” series to get a gander at the strength and durability this board brand can offer.

Red Paddle Co. proves its inflatable boards are quality equipment!

If you’ve been watching Red Paddle Co.‘s video series on product testing the durability of their inflatables, you know this final test is NO JOKE.  This poor board, the 10’6 Ride model, has been slathered in peanut butter, used in a motor cross rally and NOW gets itself RUN OVER (for fun quotient and proof of purchase) by a 22.5 ton cat digger.  DO NOT TRY this at home!  I think the idea is to put that board back in the water and GO HAVE SOME FUN with it!

ADVENTURE IN A BAG. that’s Red Paddle Co.  An inflatable you can trust to hold air, maintain its shape and go through h*ll and back to serve YOU better.  But let them do the testing.  YOU just go have FUN with it.

Stay tuned for the final video wrap-up of Red Paddle Co.’s Top 10 durability tests all in one shot.  It will keep you laughing, impressed and it just might get you motivated to get out on the water 😉

Enjoy the ride!


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Ever run your inflatable over with a 22 ton digger? That’s a test of durability!

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