No Waves? No Problem! “The Most Realistic Sup Experience On Land”

No Waves? No Problem! %22The Most Realistic Sup Experience On Land%22

There can’t always be perfect chest to head high waves whether we want it our not…However, you can still enjoy a “the most realistic sup experience on land” when the waves aren’t so great. Enter Hammerhead: They have been making paddle skateboards now for a few years and what started off has a hobby has quickly turned into a nice business.

I first met these guys down at Surf Expo in Orlando when I saw them flying around on these “hammerhead” shaped boards and having a blast. I couldn’t help but to go say hello and check out the boards. I was blown away at how enthusiastic and genuinely awesome they were and how fun the board was to ride.

What makes these boards different from others on the market is their unique shape which has a very important function…To keep the paddle from getting caught in front of the board so you don’t faceplant in the concrete. I would say that’s pretty important and I’m glad they included that into the design. These boards are fun to ride, will help you stay in shape and also keep your balance muscles working on less than perfect wave day.

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Check out this clip so you can see how they work:

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