Can Sup Help You Burn Stubborn Body Fat?

Can Sup Help You Burn Stubborn Body Fat?

A new study says specifically says yes! The Journal of Sport Sciences did some extensive testing on both elite stand up paddlers, as well as recreational stand up paddlers, against a sedentary group and found that for sure, those who stand up paddle have lower levels of body fat.

In addition to that, they found lower level of triglycerides, which are key markers for elevated stroke risk factors.

They also noted higher levels of HDL, the beneficial cholesterol in the stand up paddlers, as well as better posture.

Still think you have to get on a “dreadmill” to lose stubborn body fat and lower your cholesterol? Think again. Instead, grab your board and paddle and stroke the fat away.

Not to mention, get a little fresh air and sunshine. You’re looking a little pale.

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