“Make Me Whatever Laird Is Using” | 10 Years a Sport Flashback:

"Make Me Whatever Laird Is Using" | 10 Years a Sport Flashback:

Kudos from Texas! “10 Years a Sport” Flashback:
“Make me whatever Laird is using”

I totally enjoyed Standup Journal’s 10 year anniversary issue. It reminded me of my sup beginnings!

Steve LevyAround 10 years ago (maybe longer?) I bought a Kialoa paddle. I called their Bend, Oregon headquarters and asked them to make me whatever Laird was using. They sent me a paddle with a black aluminum shaft and a welded t-handle. The blade was green fiberglass with a lot of area. The blade has a Kialoa sticker on it.

The paddle still has tape on it that reads SL – 24 (Steven Levy, #24 paddle) At that time I could not buy a sup board so I ordered a 12’ x 26” Surftech soft top. I only used this board on flat water.

Fortunately a good surfing friend, Jerry Bass, also embraced the sup sport and bought a 12’ Laird Surf Tech which he would let me use at the beach here in Houston. Another friend, Charlie Giorelli and I ordered our first surfing sup boards together, which were 10’8” x 28” Jimmy Lewis boards. –Steven Levy, Houston, TX

P.S. I’d love it if anybody can tell me what year this Kialoa paddle was built, it would be way cool to know the vintage.

Steve Levy shredding Baja

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