N8V Signature Surf velcro project

How to paddle through waves without losing your Sup Paddle!

Ever lose your paddle while trying to prone stroke your board out into the line up? Here’s a great video from Nate V. of Signature Surf on securing your paddle to your board!

The Sup Velcro Project from Signature Surf

Take it from the grom:  Paddling through the white water can be tough.  Especially if you’re lying on your belly with a paddle underneath your chest, trying to punch through some waves.  Nate V. from Signature Surf & Skate developed this ingenious way of securing your paddle to your board so you don’t always have to have a hand on it.

Thanks, Nate!  We look forward to more tips from Nate and his pals at Signature Surf this summer!


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How to paddle through waves without losing your Sup Paddle!

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