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Behind the Scenes As The Mongoose Cup Approaches

The standup paddle racing season in Southern California is bookended by two events. Springtime yields the socially acceptable joyride called the Mongoose Cup while the Fall offers the serious competition of the Pacific Paddle Games. Two events could not be more different.

The PPG is the big leagues, a true test of the high-performance aspect of our sport complete with big checks and some of the biggest names in the arena.

Evening Streaks and Approaching Lines -dubock

The Mongoose Cup is named after it’s spiritual leader, 79 years young Mickey Munoz – a lifelong poster child for the beach culture lifestyle.

More of a Woodstock on the water, bragging rights and a huge load of good karma are about all one can expect from this day of fun races, clinics, and demos at Dana Point Harbor.

Dana Point Sunrise sup -dubock

Dana Point Sunrise sup -dubock

My brother John and I grew up in these waters a long time ago, back when the music of Woodstock was considered radical and was etched in vinyl records. Without a doubt, the place has grown up, expanded, seen some crazy changes. What hasn’t changed is the escape outlet – the ocean that borders this mass of humanity and still beckons those that yearn for even a few moments of solitude in a busy world.

John and I came a few days early this year to take the pulse of sup in SoCal – to meet some of the people that are involved in this event on both sides of the rope.

Stay tuned as we share images and stories of The Mongoose Cup. -Dubock

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Behind the Scenes As The Mongoose Cup Approaches

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