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Dawn To Dusk | Ultimate Waterman Zane’s Deep Blue Life

Come explore what a “Deep Blue” day looks like on the island of Maui… as seen through the eyes of (Starboard team rider / Sustainable Surf ambassador) Zane Schweitzer – and through the language, knowledge and cultural wisdom of ancient Hawaii.

Follow Zane’s footsteps from “dawn to dusk” as he roams his modern home ground and his ocean playground, in harmony with the sustainable lifestyle system, developed thousands of years ago by Hawaiians.

The ancient wisdom of Hawaii’s Ahupa`a system has plenty to teach us all about how to live a more engaged, meaningful and stoked life – one that enriches and preserves your community and environment while giving you plenty of time to play in the waves.

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Dawn To Dusk | Ultimate Waterman Zane’s Deep Blue Life

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