Inside the Mind of a True Competitor – Jamie Mitchell

“Erik Antonson |” ]Jamie Mitchell might be the greatest waterman on the planet. He is the 10 Time Molokai Champion, a 32-mile open ocean race from Molokai to Oahu. The same channel that took the life of Eddie Aikau. He is currently a Big Wave surfer on the BWWT and earned a 4th Place Finish at the 2016 Eddie, a prestigious big wave contest named after the famed lifeguard.

3 Lessons you should learn from Jamie Mitchell:

  • Once you let yourself quit once it will be easier to quit the next time. Jamie says that a secret to his success is never having given in to the voice in his head calling for him to quit.
  • His key to winning the M2O wasn’t genetic or sheer talent. It was dedicated hours. Jamie trained 4 months for the race, 3 training sessions per day, and never missed them. Even if the waves were pumping.
  • Turning Negatives into Positives… Jamie has asthma. At a young age he was diagnosed, and instead of retreating from exercise, he embraced it. He credits his larger lungs and heart to how hard he had to work to breathe in those early years.

Listen to Jamie in his own words!

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Inside the Mind of a True Competitor – Jamie Mitchell

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