Gerry Lopez Broke His Tibia In Freakish Accident

DID YOU HEAR? Gerry Lopez broke his tibia in a freakish snowboarding accident a couple weeks ago!
….His wife, Toni tells us “he’s doing good. Gets the cast off tomorrow, then an X-ray; if it looks like it’s healing ok they will give him a boot, but he will still be non-weight bearing for a bit. He’s been working out at the gym as it’s about the only thing he can do…oh ya and he’s taking ukelele lessons!!!”

Surf legend-turned-sup-stoked Mike Doyle told us about it at Surf Expo. “Pipe Master” Gerry, of Bend, Oregon, experienced a freak tibia snap suffered when he broke thru a top ice layer while powder snowboarding — Gerry being INSTANTLY STOPPED by the ice layer that broke his shin, OUCH!… Here’s to a speedy recovering, Gerry. ALSO, Doyle reports C4’s Mickey Munoz “messed up his knee from snowboarding 3 weeks ago!,” and adds, “Annie and I are in Aspen boarding and taking it EASY!”

gerry's tibia and pic

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