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For years people have been telling me I should move to Colorado in order to ski, ride and climb the big mountains or to move to California to surf big waves. I always have the same reply: no need, we have it all here. New England is not known for big surf, outside of hurricane season or deep powder or miles of class 4 rapids, but we do have everything right in our own backyard if you know where to look.

I make my living teaching people about the outdoors and exposing them to some of the amazing resources we have right here in New England.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a person who has lived in the area their entire life in this area and show them local “treasures” that they had no idea were right here. Treasures like kayaking to the Boston Harbor Islands to rock climb, stand-up paddling in the marshes of Cape Cod, white-water paddling on the Charles River or ice climbing in Worcester, MA.

There are not too many places where you can skin-in for fresh tracks at first light and then drive to the beach for a sun-set surf session all in the same day… but you can do it right here in our own back-yard of New England.

Luke FoleyBio:

Born and raised in Worcester, MA and spent summers on the Cape.
Works full time in the outdoor industry in all forms.
Over 14 years of professional certified guide and instructor qualifications.

Surfing (traditional, sup, kayak)
Kayaking (sea, white water, surf)
Stand up paddling (surf, race, river)
Fly fishing
Back-country snowboarding
Ice climbing
Telemark skiing
Snow kiting.

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