Dan Gavere


Dan Gavere is an Oregon-based multi-sport athlete who continues to evolve as he now is considered a pioneer in the sport of SUP Whitewater. Dan finds it hard to get much done in his hometown of Hood river Oregon where the distractions are plentiful. From charging local class 5 rapids on his SUP to ripping up the loamy PNW dirt on his Mtn Bike, Dan can easily be spotted by his signature all black Outside Van loaded down with the latest toys from his sponsors like Starboard SUP. Dan has pretty much been a professional at everything he has put his mind to from racing radio controlled off-road trucks to whitewater kayaking to kiteboarding and even snowboarding, Dan has always had a hyper vision for the future of whats fun and cool and somehow figured out how to blend a lifestyle of business and leisure into one career. Dan has made a name for himself as an athlete, paddling instructor, photographer, videographer, and outdoor lifestyle professional that now continues to push the boundaries of what can be done on a Stand Up Board in whitewater.

Hometown: Hood River, OR

Sponsors: Starboard, Werner Paddles, Outside Van, Run Gum

Heroes: White Salmon River, WA

Favorite Discipline: River

Favorite Sup Spot: White Salmon River, WA

Favorite Board: Starboard Stream

Favorite Paddle: Werner Legend 99


ACA Level 1,2 Flatwater Level 3 Whitewater
WPA Level 2
WSUPA Instructor Trainer
Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer


Announcer: Pacific Paddle Games, Carolina Cup, GoPro Mtn Games, ISA World Championships, Red Bull Heavy Water.
4x National Whitewater SUP Champion 2009-2012
1st Place SUP Cross and SUP Downriver Outdoor Mix (France)
1st Open Division (39-49) Pacific Paddle Games Tech & Distance 2016
2nd Round the Rock Overall 2016
2012 BOP Most Inspirational Award
2008 8th Place Elite 1st ever Battle of the Paddle Technical Race
Dozens of first SUP descents on a stand up paddleboard



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