Alex Mauer


When I was 12 my dad gave me a boogie board. He told me to go play in the river next to his apartment. I have been playing in the water ever since. I helped pioneer the river surfing scene in Colorado. I transitioned easily into stand up paddle and have been pioneering the race scene ever since. I love to paddle, to hang out in the sun and play in the water.

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Sponsors: BIC SUP, NRS, 360fly cameras, Sawyer Paddles,

Hero(s): Benihana river wave

Favorite Discipline: River

Favorite Sup Spot: Benihana river wave

Favorite Equipment

Board: BIC SUP 7'6" air river surfer

Paddle: Sawyer TSR 90

Industry Affiliations and Certifications

Level 3 ACA paddle instructor

Awards and Accolades

2016 Vail Whitewater Race Series Champion

2016 Rocky Mountain Race Series Champion

Favorite Photos

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