Alek Ramos


Alek Ramos started standup paddling with his family at the age of 7. Then, at 8, he started to participate in sup races in is home town in Puerto Rico.

At the age of 9, he became a Starboard National Team rider. Alek loves to sup, surf and play Soccer with family and friends. At the age of 10, he was sponsored by Ke Nalu paddles and participated in events on the mainland like the Lake of the Sky race, Ocean Warrior Challenge, and PPG.

At recently participated in his first Sup Surfing event at Domes Beach, Rincon Puerto Rico. Alek has friends and trained also with The Paddle Academy Doheny Beach, Dana Point California

Alek is now 12-year-old.

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Sponsors: Starboard SUP, Starboard Apparel and KeNalu Paddles

Heroes: Surfer's Beach. Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Favorite Discipline: Sup Surfing

Favorite Sup Spot: Surfer's Beach. Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Favorite Board: 2016 Starboard 7'1" x 24" Pro Surf – Inzane, Starboard 7'4" Pro Sup Surf kids and Starboard Sup race 12'6" x 24"

Favorite Paddle: Kenalu kohini 84




Age group: 10 – 12 year

• 1st FSPR/ISA SUP PR League 2017 – Manati, PR
• 3rd FSPR/ISA SUP PR League 2017 – Aguadilla, PR

• 2nd 4rd stop FSPR/ISA SUP PR League 2016 – Rincon, PR
• 2nd Warrior of the Paddle 2016 – Arecibo, PR
• 3rd FSPR/ISA PR League 2016 – Vega Alta, PR
• 3rd 2016 Juegos de Puerto Rico SUP FSPR/ISA – San Juan, PR
• 2nd FSPR – Junior games 2016 – Old San Juan, PR
• 3rd Get Up Standup Paddle for the kids 2016 – Aguadilla, PR
• 3rd Rincon Beach boy 2016 – Rincon, PR
• 2nd Escape from Coffin Island 2016 – Ponce, PR
• 3rd Ocean Warrior Challenge 2015 – Jupiter, FL
(no group age / all kids all ages)

• 2nd 2nd place – PR Ranking (2015)
• 1st Neptunes Cup 2015 – Salinas, PR
• 2nd Cardona Challenge 2015 – Ponce, PR
• 2nd Endless Summer 2015 – Patillas, PR
• 3rd Guajataca X SUP 2015 – Isabela, PR
• 3rd Race the Lake of the Sky 2015 – Team relay (The
Paddle Academy) – South Lake Tahoe, California
• 3rd 3rd Who’Sup Fest 2015 – Aguadilla, PR
• 3rd Warrior of the Paddle 2015 – Arecibo, PR
• 1st 2015 Juegos de Puerto Rico – SUP FSPR/ISA – San Juan, PR
• 4th Xplora Fest 2015 – Carolina, PR
• 3rd Rincon Beach Boy 2015 – Rincon, PR
• 4th Stand Up Paddle Kids 2015 – Aguadilla, PR
• 3rd Escape from Coffin Island 2015 – Ponce, PR

Age group: 7 – 9 year

• 1st place Neptunes Cup – 2014 – Salinas, PR
• 1st place Warrior of the Battle 2014– Arecibo, PR
(He also did the 10-12 race, finished #5)
• 1st place Who’Sup Fest 2014 – Aguadilla, PR
• 1st place Rincon Beach Boy 2014 – Rincon, PR
• 1st place Ocean Kids 2014 – Aguadilla, PR
• 1st place Xplora Fest 2014 – Carolina, PR
• 2nd place Escape from Coffin Island 2014 – Ponce,
• 3rd place Paddle Royale 2013 – San Juan, PR
• 4rd place Paddle for the Cure 2013 – Carolina, PR



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