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Social Media is a great tool to get our messages out to the masses. Here at Standup Journal we have spent the years constantly building, tracking, tweaking and measuring our social media into a thriving online community. Please refer to our Social Media Guidelines

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Social Media Guidelines

As an advertiser you get to take part in our highly targeted and very active social media community. In order to make this most effective for you, there are some guidelines:

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1. Pic A Photo That Counts

A picture is worth a thousand words. I know it’s cliche but I really cannot stress this enough. Photo should be eye catching and always have someone standup paddling or at least somehow tied into the activity. Lifestyle and action photos work the best!

2. No Logos, Watermarks or Banners

Flyers and banners with text simply don’t work on social media anymore unless the post is boosted, therefore we will not accept any watermarked, logoed, or banner type posts for social media.

3. Be Social Not ‘Salesy’

Make sure you are being social and not pushing the hard sell. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, like when there is a flash sale. But for the most part, social media is meant to be social and fun and a great way to make people aware of you or your brand on a personal level. Once they are aware and want to learn more then they will check you out at your site. Your site is where you do your selling.

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